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Small Business Health Insurance Tony's Story

Tony, a client of Dunamis Insurance since 2005, had seen his health insurance premiums rise steadily from the initial $500 per month to an astounding $1,800 per month. Ooh yes. Coverage was good, or should I say “comfortable”, but the premium was a pinch, especially for a self employed individual. The Last Straw, Final Premium Increase Though Tony and his Dunamis agent had spoken about the consistent annual premium increases and options to remedy the pain, this last increase was as far as the cart was going to roll. What were the options? Upon examination, under the current ACA or Marketplace plan rules and income

limitations, there would be no premium subsidy for Tony because family income was too high. Even then, the base plan premiums for a Marketplace Bronze plan with a $6,000 deductible and a 60/40 coinsurance split, with out of network reduced or zero benefit, was not attractive at all, especially since he could never pick up the plan he had again once he left it. The 70/30 split of the Silver plan was also no better, with modest benefits and an astoundingly high deductible. The new proposed premiums of $1,300 per month was not enough to leave such a plan, even though the premium was killing him. The New Era Experience Dunamis continued to meet with Tony. We asked him, if he could secure a plan that covers the family, allows each covered individual 20 doctor’s office visits per year with no deductible, provides mental health benefits, has no loss or reduction of benefits for services provided outside of the network, allows YOU, the consumer, the opportunity to directly control your health care costs, with no waiting period for benefits to begin…and…saves your nearly $1,300 per month ($15,600 first year)…and by the way, pays benefits DIRECTLY TO YOU should services cost less than what has been agreed to…Would you purchase it? As Howie says, “DEAL OR NO DEAL”?

Of course, Tony said “YES!” and by doing so, started planning for not only that family trip, but for that additional vehicle they had their eyes on AND that boat for weekend cruisin'! Designed for those desiring to take control of their health care costs and benefits, the New Era HSP Gold Indemnity Health Insurance plan offered by Philadelphia American Life is sweeping the nation by storm and is probably the best health insurance value in the United States.

The New Era Plan provides top dollar coverage, $0 to Low dollar deductible for most healthcare and health related expenditures, customer control of how and to whom benefits are paid, 24 hour teledoc services and a healthcare advocate included at no additional charge, LOW monthly premiums, no government reporting or penalties, and CASH BACK paid directly to you for services that cost less than the proscribed payment schedule. There’s much more…Including the ability to receive additional benefits for specified diseases and chronic and critical illness and special surgeries such as knee or hip replacement surgery.

This is the Power of Dunamis Insurance. We bring dynamic and powerful services to the public, maximizing benefits, saving money and providing value. Don’t believe us? Give us a call TODAY regarding your self employed health insurance needs. for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote and or consultation . No business. Just need insurance? Call Dunamis. We are ACA (Marketplace) Certified and licensed with multiple companies to serve your needs both on and off the Exchange.

(800)730-2990 or email at Dunamis Offers Powerful Solutions.

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