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Medicare Supplement Insurance

Although Medicare pays for a portion of your health care costs, certain services and costs are not covered. Medicare supplemental plans (sometimes referred to as Medigap) fills in the gaps that Medicare does not cover. The experienced Dunamis Insurance & Business Services health insurance experts can answer your questions about benefits, out-of-pocket costs and Medicare Supplement premiums to ensure you are fully protected.


Certain Medical Costs Are Not Paid By Medicare

Consisting of two basic parts, Medicare Part "A" provides certain hospital services; while Part "B" refers to coverage for visits to a doctor's office as an outpatient and is subject to additional paid premiums. Gaps in the coverage within both Parts can result in thousands of dollars of extra medical expenses. Dunamis Insurance & Business Services offers affordable Medicare Supplement Insurance to fill those gaps and meet the needs.

Extra Insurance Protection Means More Benefits

Dunamis Insurance & Business Services offers Medicare supplement plans through financially secure insurers, many plans allowing you to choose your own doctor or specialist (who accepts Medicare patients) and may also enable you to coordinate billing services with your basic Medicare plan to streamline processing and save time. 

Other services that available with supplemental insurance.


Periodontal health is essential and has been linked to not only overall individual health, but heart health and the ability to overcome the covid virus. Dunamis offers a wide variety of top rated insurance companies that offer dental insurance to help individuals preserve their health and maximize their their finances.


As we age, our vision changes. Having the ability to gain professional care is essential. Dunamis offers liberal insurance plans designed to meet the needs of individuals who need vision care insurance. Many of our plans offer free exams and substitute prescriptions immediately.

Coverage While Traveling

Dunamis offers plans that cover individuals in or out of a network and all over the United States and some even in foreign venues. Please let us know your travel plans so that we can match you with the right company.

Access to Wide Range of Carriers

Dunamis Insurance & Business Services agents work hard to find the best premium rates and Medicare Supplement options, according to your needs and budget.

Learn More About Medicare Supplement Insurance

Call Dunamis TODAY (800)730-2990 x801 for a FREE, no obligation consultation regarding your Medicare Supplement Insurance needs.


Dunamis Offers Powerful Solutions!

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