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Dunamis Insurance & Business Services About Us

Dunamis (a Greek word for POWER, or DYNAMITE) is the only
independent, Black-owned insurance brokerage firm located in
Central Illinois specializing in the sale and delivery of life, health,
disability insurance and annuities with an emphasis on personal,
individual, and estate planning and planning for businesses of any

size and type. We offer "Powerful Solutions" to complex needs

dealing with asset and estate transfer and generational wealth issues.

After working with major companies such as The Equitable and New York Life,  Harvey Burnett, Chief Strategist, founded Dunamis in 1997 with just one client with whom he continues to serve today. Over the years, Dunamis has endured the test of time and tribulation delivering its services to residents all across the State Of Illinois and contributing to many community causes within inner city neighborhoods over the same period of time.

Dunamis Offers Personalized Service

We work side by side with clients to ensure the best possible insurance to meet the needs. Linked with our select group of reputable insurance providers, Dunamis Insurance & Business Services continuously strives to find the best insurance products for employers, family members and individuals.

Dunamis Offers Access to a Wide Range of Insurance Policies in One Place

Many companies have extravagant commercials touting the fact that they shop top rated insurance companies

for the best possible policy. Well, Dunamis has done that for over 25 years with the added benefit of a dedicated agent for each policy purchased. Never is anyone a number or a daily statistic. Every policy also comes with a dedicated representative who knows the client and the client's personal situation.

Everyone needs insurance protection. Yet coverage can vary significantly when it comes to personal and business insurance policies. No one single insurance company could adequately provide an entirely comprehensive range of coverage options to suit every single requirement. Fortunately, Dunamis Insurance & Business Services is connected to a wide range of carriers that provide insurance plans and financial services that are readily available.

Dunamis Insurance & Business Services agents do all of the research and comparisons for the coverage that meets your specific needs and offers the most competitive rates available in the industry. In today's market, you want an insurance adviser who efficiently wades through all the paperwork, clarifies your coverage options, designs a personalized plan and ultimately looks out for your best interests by providing the insurance solutions you need.

Call or email to find out what we can offer you!

Whether you require life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, annuities, a retirement rollover, an estate plan, group health insurance, key person insurance or any other financial arrangement that require insurance services, no matter if you are a startup company or a well established business, call the insurance experts at Dunamis Insurance & Business Services for protection and peace of mind.

We will work tirelessly so you get the coverage that brings you security without costing an arm and a leg. Making sure that you, your business, or family are protected is what we do.


Contact us TODAY for a FREE, no obligation

quote or consultation regarding your personal situation.
(800)730-2990 x801


DUNAMIS Offers Powerful Solutions!

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