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Group Health Insurance

Dunamis Insurance & Business Services offers multiple solutions to address today's employee benefits conundrum, providing top rated companies and services to meet the goals and needs of the conscientious business while serving employee welfare.

Benefits That Work For YOU


Most business owners find themselves working for the insurance companies in the sense that so many dollars go to provide coverage even under the most favorable cost sharing arrangements. Imagine a world of reduced premium costs and predictable healthcare benefits?

Now, imagine employees satisfied with healthcare choices and able to access physicians and medical services whether in person or by conference call, without additional charge. Whether self employed or the owner of a corporation employing multiple individuals, in this Covid 19 environment, you owe it to yourself to allow your premium dollars to work for you and bring you the best services possible.

Which Plan Is Right For Your Business?


Dunamis Insurance & Business Services can help design a plan for your business based on provider type, choice of doctors, out of pocket expense calculations and medical payments. We can make this work for you!


Need Coverage TODAY?


No worries, just click HERE to apply online at our 24/7 Online Health Insurance Store. Or simply call us for more information or
to book your FREE, no obligation consultation.

DUNAMIS Offers Powerful Solutions!

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