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For Churches & Non Profits

Dunamis Insurance & Business Services is unapologetically a Christian
based business and seeks to serve men and women of all creeds and

beliefs. However, there are certain issues unique to churches and non

profit businesses which Dunamis is aware and has expertise in dealing


Pastoral Benefits

Having served as a Pastor and business owner for the last 25 years, Harvey Burnett, Dunamis Chief Strategist, fully understands that the church and its leaders are essential to the health and wellbeing of our communities. Simply put, the plight of every pastor called to service is the wellbeing and service to others. With countless hours of study and pastoral council, and much under appreciation the church should be aware and fully committed to not only serve its community, but also care for its leader/leaders in the best possible manner so that they will not be hindered in performing the Lord's work and so that Christ can be glorified by the community, even in case of the worst and most tragic events. 

Church Education Seminars

Dunamis is aware of the many challenges faced by the modern church. Preparation of the congregation both spiritually and naturally are of utmost concern. Income stability and a changing demographic is always a challenge, and certainly has an effect on the church and all that it does and seeks to do. This is why churches need an expert such as Dunamis to walk along with them providing comprehensive, but also affordable services , and access to information that could be life changing and supportive of both the families and ministry. 


Towards this end, Dunamis conducts FREE insurance and financial service seminars for churches and non profits with an aim to assist the ministry and members in pertinent insurance related financial issues. 

Church & Non Profit Employee Benefits


For churches and non profits with staff or even a limited number of staff current times have never been more difficult. The ability to be flexible is essential, but the organization also has an obligation above others to be compassionate, especially towards them that serve and help bear the yoke of ministry and organizational success and operations. 

What happens to organizational abilities to function when leaders suffer:

  • An unexpected death?

  • An unexpected disability?

  • An unexpected health crisis?

  • Those who support the organization pass away?

  • The leader or leaders expectedly retire or unexpectedly move on?

All of these events and occurrences take careful, and considerate planning to address and overcome. Dunamis Insurance Services has stood the test of time, tailoring services to meet the needs of ministries and on profits helping them to remain financially sustainable even during difficult and hard times. 

Dunamis offers a host of voluntary employee benefit packages that can be designed to provide the right benefits at an optimal price, saving money, but providing valuable security and peace of mind for non profit group leaders and community servants. Dunamis is a partner in this mission of serving the "flock" helping churches and non profits meet their obligation of providing the best and most affordable services to them that serve and helping the church arrange its benefits packages in the best and most affordable manner.

Additionally, Dunamis has served its community over 25 years providing funding for non-profits through its retails sales profits instituting many ventures that exist today within the community in which Dunamis resides. This is the foundation of help that our community non profits and churches need as we seek to make our communities better. 

If you are a Pastor, church leader or administrator of a non profit organization, call Dunamis Insurance & Business Services TODAY (800)730-2990 x801 for a FREE, no obligation quote or consultation for your church or non profit organization from an organization and individuals who have "been there" and "done that."


Dunamis Offers Powerful Solutions!

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